Overview: The Cornerstone for Enduring Businesses

Digital Dandelions Technical Solutions (DDTS) is a technical writing and business operations consulting firm. We help Business Owners turn their life’s work into an asset: Ensuring that their business can serve their communities for decades to come.

Unlike other firms, we focus on knowledge management. We make technical documentation that works for you with our expertise in information mapping. Our clients have come to rely on us to make their business tangible.


Our mission is to nurture and preserve our community’s most vital institution: small, local businesses. Through a cooperative network of technical strategists, we forge enuring businesses by developing sustainable operations that increase economic value and overall social impact.

Matriarch Maria Hairston

Why we are here:

We believe that your Best Investment will Always be in Your Community

The founder and owner came from a long line of entrepreneurs: from her Great Great Grandmother to her Father. The business started its roots in the family matriarch, who defied all odds to secure her reparations from slavery to support her family for generations. Her Father’s investments in affordable housing, a community newspaper, and generating capital for the community inspired her.

Steeped in lessons of sacrifice, discipline, and constantly seeking understanding, the founder learned that the best investment will always be in her community. However, she observed how her ancestors and even her immediate family struggled to do what was right.

Despite inheriting a stable place to live, later generations who didn’t understand business would sell off parts of their ancestral estate. The owner would watch her father feed and care for his family with his businesses but struggle with stagnating growth from several obstacles. The greatest obstacle being the lack of structure. He could not replicate the business and hire trusted employees to run the business. Even more devastating, her father didn’t write anything down, and his businesses died with him.

Watching her father’s businesses die, the owner was inspired to preserve businesses in her community. Using the gift of her analytical approach and sharp writing skills, Rahni Sumler created DDTS. She vowed to help businesses break out of their bootstrap phase: helping them adapt, grow, and thrive in business.

Our Values

We believe that stable, adaptable businesses begin with a strong foundation.

Our namesake, the dandelion, owes its tenacity and adaptability to a root system that reaches down some 36 times the plant’s size. Completely unseen, this system is powerful. It not only benefits the dandelion but lays the groundwork for other plants, animals, and the entire ecosystem to thrive. Where there is a dandelion, there are the beginnings of a community.

Where there are strong Small Businesses, there are the beginnings of a robust community.

In this spirit, we feel that businesses can always fall back on robust operations to help them adapt, thrive, and grow despite adversity in times of distress. Businesses with a good foundation can go on to support the community. We take the time to develop business operations people don’t see because we believe that the best investment will always be our community’s small businesses.