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According to AARP, more than 30% of small business owners are over 50 years old(1). Many owners want to retire by selling their businesses or pass their businesses on to their children. However, according to Forbes's investment advisors, many retiring owners' attempts to sell their business for retirement fail (2).

You cannot sell your business without a business manual. Your children also cannot inherit your business because there is no way to run it.

Your business does not have to die when you leave. Our Business Bible ™ products will give you the tools you need for a thriving business that can make you money even after you retire!

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Business Scaling Kit


Establish the "canon" of your Business Bible with a guided exploration plan. Speak with a certified business technical writer who will assemble all key items into one place.

With this product, you identify everything needed to make your Business Bible ™.


  • 1-Hour interview with our technical writers

  • Identify core services

  • Identify Key Personnel

  • Identify your industry's operation structure

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Single Business Bible ™ Chapter


$475 with subscription*

Cost-Effective 10-hour/month retainer for composing one single chapter of your Business Bible ™.


  • The Business Exploration Plan

  • Spotlight on one function of your business' operation structure ( e.g., sales, production, hiring)

  • Interviewing key personnel for this chapter

  • Composing one chapter up to 5 sections.

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3 Business Bible ™ Chapters


$1,750 with subscription*

Complete 20-hour/month retainer for composing three chapters of your Business Bible ™.


  • The Business Exploration Plan

  • (3) Business Business Bible ™ chapters.

  • Hosting your Business Bible on the web for desktop and mobile devices

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*Business Builder Subscription

Want to build your business? We'll help you out with unlimited consultation hours and $25 vouchers towards our services!


(1) "The U.S. Has Had a Surge in Entrepreneurs Age 50+," AARP.

(2) "Impact Partners BrandVoice: Small Business Owner: Are You Retirement-Ready?" Forbes.