Writing Samples

A sample of ways "X" and "O" can win in Tic Tac Toe. The top row shows 3 ways "O" can win while the bottom row shows ways "X" can win: horizontally, diagonally, or vertically

A sample of possible ways that “X” or “O” can win. Some ways to win are diagonally, across rows, or across columns.

Basic Writing: How to Play Tic Tac Toe

Simple example manual for how to play tic tac toe. This is a fun sample that gives you an idea of how I format manuals. It also gives some insight on how I approach explaining topics. You also might learn some interesting things about a very common game.

Blogging: Craftsmanship in the Knowledge Economy

Presentation for a workshop developed for rising software programmers. This presentation illustrates how principals used by traditional “craftsmen”, artists, musicians, and traditional artistries such as carpentry, can be applied to professions in the knowledge economy such as software development.

This sample showcases some concepts I learned and taught during career development projects. It also shows how I facilitate presentations as an opportunity to engage with the audience and collect valuable feedback. This presentation was iteratively developed using this process of presentation, collecting feedback, and improving the presentation using the feedback collected. I have also been invited to present targeted versions of this topic at a few schools including: public health, software programming, and college preparation.

Engineering: SOAP verses Rest

More technical explanation of SOAP(Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST(Representation State Transfer), which are used to design services for the web. This sample features diagrams that demonstrates how programmers consider SOAP and REST for designing products. It gives some insight on how I approach more technical topics.

Programming: ()FindNeedles API Description

Sample of an API description for a C++ function. This sample also includes future improvements to the code. You can access the code and test it at this online compiler here.

Informative Blogging: Preparing for Elections

Sample of a blog I wrote for a nonprofit, detailing how to prepare to vote in the U.S general election. It also includes voting strategies and a little history of how people's voting habits impact elections. This sample illustrates my approach to informative blogs: less structured than a manual, but still a good resource for how to do tasks that require nuance. This sample also features my approach to researched topics and curating clear sources.