Services & Packages

As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, or business owner, you know that building and growing a business is no small feat. 

We are proud to partner with individuals like you who strive for success. With our suite of products and subscription-based services, we can help you take your business to the next level. Our solutions are tailored to your unique needs. They will empower you to develop self-directed teams to drive growth and success. You can adapt, thrive, and achieve your business goals with our support. Take advantage of this opportunity to take your business to new heights. Join our community, and let's grow together!

Business Builder Subscription

Want to build your business? We'll help you out with unlimited consultation hours and $25 vouchers towards our services!  

Business Bible Products

Every successful business has a standardized set of instructions or procedures (SOP) to ensure smooth and efficient operations. 

Our business manuals, inspired by Broadway's "run-of-show" bibles, provide just that. With our SOP, you can expect high organization and agility, especially during complex projects. 

Do you want growth, performance, agility, or just being able to take a break from your business?

Our Business Bible™ is the perfect solution. It's the first step in transforming your one-person operation into an integrated team ready to tackle anything.  

Business Exploration Plan


$125 with subscription

Establish the "canon" of your Business Bible with a guided exploration plan.

Single Business Bible ™ Chapter 


$475 with subscription

Cost-Effective 10-hour/month retainer for composing one single chapter of your Business Bible ™. 

3 Business Bible ™ Chapters


$2,100 with subscription

Complete 20-hour/month retainer for composing three chapters of your Business Bible ™. 

Business to Corporate & Government Support

Completing your first large contract is a significant milestone for your business. 

It proves your capabilities to the market and can bring in more revenue. These contracts can also help you establish anchor clients, which are reliable revenue sources that you can reinvest into growth. However, larger corporations require more paperwork and can be time-consuming.  However, securing large-scale corporate contracts can be an overwhelming process requiring much paperwork and resources.

Do you have the time to work your business and compete for contracts?

Many corporations have teams built to submit bids and proposals for their company. Therefore, when it's time for the corporation to buy a product or service, they expect their chosen supplier to have the same. As you may know, many businesses don't have that. 

Our Corporate & Government Procurement support products can assist you in pursuing and researching suitable opportunities for your business.

 We can be your procurement team, and we'll take care of everything for you, helping you to focus on delivering excellent work.

Business Resume  ™


$125 with subscription

An appealing, one page Capability Statement that corporations and government organizations looking for services ALWAYS ask for. 

Business Portfolio


$475 with subscription

Cost Effective 10-hour/month retainer for selling to Corporations and Government Agencies. 

B2G Proposal


$2,100 with subscription

Complete 20-hour/month retainer for selling to Corporations and Government Agencies.